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Due to current market volatility, one of our consultants will call and value your car. We are committed to ensuring you get an accurate valuation rather than automated quotes at this time.

Price is automated only and based on 20-120,000 kms. One of our consultants will be in touch to discuss a more accurate figure.

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We Take the Hassle Out of Car Selling with the Best Price Guarantee

Private car selling can be a real nuisance. You have to deal with buyers who pretend to know everything about your car just so they can stiff you on the price. It makes the process nothing short of outrageous frustration.

This is why Sell My Car Brisbane is here to take that nuisance out of car selling. We make the process quick, easy and seamless, and offer the best price guaranteed as the result. All you have to do is fill out a form, arrange an inspection at your location, receive an offer and, should you accept, we will pay you on the spot and quickly take the car off your hands.

We have trusted buyers located across Brisbane, ready to come out to your location now and offer you an incredible price for your old car.


Making car sales easy

Whoever thought selling an old vehicle could be this simple? Sell My Car Brisbane is here to finally end the annoyance associated with selling old vehicles.

How? By following this simple process:


Fill out a form

Start by filling out one of the provided forms. One of our experienced buyers will quickly get in contact with you to have a chat about your car and arrange an inspection.


We come to you

You don’t have to worry about driving out to us – we come to your location on inspection day so that you can get on with your regular routine. After a brief inspection (about 15 minutes) we will provide you with an amazing offer on your vehicle.


Be paid on the spot

We pay our valued car sellers right there and then, should you choose to accept.


We collect your car

Once you see the money enter your account, notify our buyer and they will come out to your location and take the vehicle off your hands for good.

Selling your car has never been so simple. Forget the old days of dealing with dodgy private buyers and enjoy the most seamless selling experience on the market. We take care of all annoying paperwork as well, just to further take away the stress of selling.

If you have any questions about our service, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team and we will get back to you with all the information you need.

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Our Amazing Clients

Australia’s First and Most Trusted Car Buying Service


How it works


Get a quote

Fill in the form below and one of our trusted consultants will call you and value your car straight away. We’ll gather some more information on the phone before offering an inspection.


Get an inspection

Our staff are located Aus wide and come to you! We will conduct a free inspection at your home or office so we can make you an offer straight away. Allow 15 minutes for this process.


Get paid instantly

Once we inspect your car, you will be made an offer on the spot. Should you accept our price, we will pay you by EFT in the bank account you nominate straight away.


We will collect your car

Once you see the funds in your account, our administration team will call you to arrange a suitable time for collection. In addition, we will transfer the vehicle out of your name on your behalf.

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Our Difference

Sell your car to Brisbane's leading car buyer who can assure you risk free payment and seamless paperwork on your behalf

Immediate money transfers

Paid into your nominated bank account.

On site vehicles inspections

At your home or office. We come to you.

7 days nationwide

We’ll buy your car anywhere, anytime.

Free vehicle collection

Including ownership transfers on your behalf

Best price promise

If you are in the market to shop around .

Millions paid to our customers

99% customer satisfaction score


Selling your truck?

Sell your truck to us today and enjoy the same benefits we offer our car clientele.

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Selling your caravan?

Sell your caravan to us today and enjoy the same benefits we offer our car clientele.

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"Actually mind boggling how good this service is. Enquired on the Thursday night after work and was paid Friday lunchtime when you came to see my car at work. Thank you, I’ll be recommending to all my friends. "

Steph L.

"Glad to see you guys running a clean and honest operation in the car space. You came in at above trade price and stuck to all your promises. I’d use you again."

Jack S.

"Private sale fell through on two occasions and dealer completely low balled me. Very happy with this company. Never selling privately again."

Steven W.

"Recommended by my sister, she finally got something right! Thanks guys."

Jasmine F.

Ready to sell your car?

Regardless of where you at in your car selling journey – Sell My Car Brisbane provides the ultimate selling experience. We have long worked in a client-focused system that ensures our customers get the best deal and a streamlined experience.

Private selling is a tedious, tiresome experience, with annoying buyers trying to hustle for anything they can. It’s not evening worth mentioning how dodgy dealerships operate it – we all know how they stiff you any chance they can get.

Sell My Car works with a fair, fast tracked selling method that includes same-day payment, fast pickup/transfer, on site inspection and a best price guarantee. Forget the dodgy dealers and annoying private buyers – Sell My Car ensures you get the best price and service possible.

Sell My Car will be happy to come out to your location at a time that is most suitable for you to inspect your vehicle – get in contact with us today if you’re ready to sell.

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Ever since 2009, Sell My Car has held a top reputation for providing our customers with amazing prices and top quality service. We bought our first car 11 years ago and have continued to lead the way when it comes to operating with a fair, client-focused approach.

Sell My Car is an industry leader for offering outstanding prices and leading customer service. We are proud to offer a host of services that set us apart from the competition, including on site inspections, best price offer, same-day transfers and quick pickup/transfer.

We are the official buying sector of Australian Automotive Sales, a company renowned for specialising in quality vehicles as well as amazing customer service and prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my vehicle valued now and sell it later for the agreed upon offer?

Yes - we can accommodate this! The Sell My Carteam understands that you may need to operate the vehicle in the week or two following your offer acceptance. Just simply tell us the time and location you would like to vehicle picked up from and we will come and get at that time for your peace of mind.

Is there a catch to Sell My Car?

There most definitely is not: Sell My Car will never pressure a seller into accepting our offer nor will we make you pay for the valuation. We believe in providing a fair service free from any hassle. We have worked in this industry for many years and understand the human side of selling a vehicle – it is an important decision that you might need time to consider.

Do you provide valuations on company fleets & cars?

The experienced Sell My Carvaluators have inspected hundreds of company cars and fleets and will do the same for yours. Regardless of the size of your business or fleet we will do it, the same going for government departments.

When will I be paid?

We don’t muck around when it comes to paying you. As we said, we provide a fair and honest service, and this means paying you on the day you accept our offer. Once the money has come through to your account, get in contact with our team and we will pick it up at a time and location that works best for you.

Does it matter if I owe finance on my vehicle?

We can still buy your car even if you finance on it. However, you have to provide a letter from the finance company detailing the balance owed on the vehicle. We will pay that balance to your finance company and then pay you the remaining money.

Please note: If the vehicle’s balance owing is greater than the value of the car itself, we can provide refinancing assistance.

Does Sell My Car accept ALL types of cars?

Sell My Carvalues vehicles that have done less than 180,000kms and is newer than 2002. However, we may choose not to make an offer for your vehicle based on the following reasons: history of theft, write-offs, damage or accident history.

Do you value across Australia?

We provide valuations on vehicles from Sydney to Perth, Melbourne to Brisbane and everywhere in between – we just want you to get the best price for your vehicle.


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